Fashion & Film: The September Issue

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What a great insight into a world we’re incredibly obsessed with. No day goes by that I don’t dream of the day I can move to New York City and work for this publication. And the thing is… This is MILLIONS of girls’ dream – which is scary. What could possibly make me any different from all of those other girls?

But, no matter what, I keep a positive view on it. If that’s the dream, I’ll continue to pursue it.

On another note, this is definitely a great watch and an intimate view into the life of Vogue and its queen, Anna Wintour. Available to watch instantly on Netflix.


It’s Always Nice…

… To see a new Vogue issue in the mailbox. : )

[And can I just take a moment to admire the trench coat? I am a HUGE trench coat fan. They will always look chic and slimming. And I am beyond ready for fall after multiple 100+ degree days!]