Hi, I’m Lilly !

Welcome to my little space on the WWW where I can write about things I love: primarily my shopping habit and my love for fashion. I’m a recent(ish) college graduate with an English and journalism degree, so if I write a little too much, you know why. ;) I currently live in Fort Worth, TX, and work as a handbag buying assistant. I’m a native Arkansan, but Texas is being pretty nice to me. Also, you’ve been warned: I’m slightly obsessed with New York City and plan to move there someday. Some other little quirks: I’m addicted to libraries (#nerdalert), coffee of any shape/size/flavor, and fashion magazines.


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Or email me at stripedflats@yahoo.com.

[ Disclosure ]
Striped Flats uses affiliate links through ShopSense by ShopStyle. This means that commission might be earned through purchases and clicks. These links serve to supply the exact or similar item(s) as featured in each post. Posts feature similar items through affiliate links based on a budget similar to my own, as well as based on items that I truly own or that inspire me.

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Striped Flats


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