Fall Wish List


It’s only natural to want to add new items to your wardrobe with each new season. But it certainly feels overwhelming and frustrating to constantly feel the need to shop and “keep up” with other bloggers or stylish people in general. I’m feeling that frustration even more so now that I have a car payment to make (um, but now I have a new car, so, I’ll be fine), and my shopping budget is now nonexistent. In order to stay sane… and because I like to make collages… here’s my fall wish list! Emphasis on the wish

1. Steve Madden Hooded Wrap Coat

2. Vince Camuto Asha Leopard Satchel

3. BaubleBar Gold Pyramid Ear Crawlers

4. Sperry Top-Side Saltwater Waterproof Duck Booties

5. BaubleBar Four Points Pendant Necklace

6. Zara Check and Striped Scarf

Last year’s winter wish list still looks pretty relevant! What can I say? I’m a creature of habit and cozy scarves.


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