Life Lately: October

Whoa, it’s been almost THREE months since I last posted, and I apologize! The move and the new job were stressful (aka made me super lazy).

But in all seriousness… The longer I hadn’t posted, the more I was second-guessing my reasons for blogging and doubting my ability to create good content for posts (not to mention keeping up with regular(ish) posting AND all the social media channels).

Just a few days ago, I read something that really hit home with me and gave me a little jump-start of inspiration and motivation. In the most simple terms, it said that blogging should be a creative outlet. And while typing it now seems silly (like “well, duh”), it’s been difficult to blog for ME. I work in the fashion industry (which I love), but it’s pretty much sitting at a computer 8 hours a day. And no matter how much I feel satisfied going home and watching Netflix all evening, something has really been missing.

So here’s to a little bit of a fresh start and to a blog where I can create content and write about what I LOVE. :)

In the meantime, here are a few glimpses into life lately.

{You know I love a good necklace selfie // similar styles here & here}


{My latest book purchase}

{I would repeat this outfit over & over again / AE tank; tassel necklace from Charlotte Russe; Chip & Pepper white jeans from Belk; Fossil drawstring bag; Gianni Bini sandals from Dillard’s}

{STILL thinking about this delicious lunch from 3 Fold Noodles & Dumplings}

{Loved this read! I want to go back to Paris ASAP.}

{A gift from my friend Colleen; can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring.}


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