Around the Web, Part III

dior-resort-street-style-11{ image from }

1. Ummmm, listening to this cover on repeat. Well done, Sia, as always.

2. Super beautiful location & resort show for Dior. Lots of pics here. And Snapchat did a really cool live story on it too!

3. Love these tips on how to style and wear 70s-inspired pieces.

4. I’m really liking the look of a white blazer (a few different ways to wear it from I really love these styles: classic, edgy, and sleeveless (all under $30!)

5. Another outing of high style and celebrity in France. Le sigh. A few amazing photos from the Cannes Film Festival right here!

6. Leave it to Nordstorm to have me dreaming of summertime dresses in every size and shape. Love all the prints and bright colors!


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