SF Travels: San Francisco

Our trip to San Fran was short but sweet. It was mainly to visit my boyfriend’s family, but we did get to explore a little bit. Here are a few photos (mostly from my iPhone) from the trip. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

{ Flight over the Rockies from DFW –> SFO }

{ Our first priority once we’re in the city: In-and-Out Burger at Fisherman’s Wharf }

{ Walking around the hills of SF; this one was Nob Hill, I believe }

{ These hills are insane; Russian Hill }

{ I had cookies n’ cream ice with chocolate & vanilla custard on top at Rita’s in Castro Valley }

{ The weather was sunny and glorious, and I loved the rolling hills outside of the city }

{ Palm trees + power lines; pretty much explains the aesthetic of Cali hahh }

{ Smoked cheddar bacon mac from Homeroom; they served ONLY macaroni & cheese and it was SO good }

{ Stopped for a coffee on our way to the airport at Hippie’s Brew; we loved the atmosphere and I had a deliciousss iced coconut mocha aptly named Ice Loves Coco }

{ Oy vey, we had to wait in the airport for 4+ hours on our way home; good thing there were burgers and sodas }


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