Spring Purchases

It’s certainly no surprise that I’m obsessed with Forever 21 (aka half my wardrobe). The on-trend styles and inexpensive prices are something I can’t seem to shake (and, honestly, don’t really want to!). however, lately, I’ve been buying some higher-end/better quality stuff, so I’m looking at a good mix of high and low end items for my closet. Why buy $60+ designer sandals that I’m going to wear around pools and hot pavement, when F21 has some cute ones on sale for $7? ;)

Below are some of my recent purchases for spring from F21, and they have FREE shipping on all purchases right now. They’ve got some awesome new arrivals! Have a happy Friday!

Faux Pearl Bracelet Set — A trend I’ve been really wanting to find on the cheap. I love the idea of stacking these together with a bunch of other bracelets. And really like that this came in a set!

Matte Lipstick in Red — I love the bold, matte look, but I’m unsure about red lipstick on myself, so this is a great and inexpensive way to try it out!

Wire Collar Necklace — Another style I’ve been wanting to try: the collar necklace. So I’m glad I found one! I got this in the gold tone.

Faux Leather Ankle Strap Sandals — I wear through sandals very fast, as mentioned above, so I love new styles to try out each summer. Hurry up and grab these before they’re gone!

{ This isn’t a collaboration or partnership with F21, I’m really just in love with the store (even if it overwhelms me walking through SO many clothes). Also, I’m lacking on outfit photos, so yea. Shopping! Yay! }


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