Round-Up: Stylish Rain Boots


After a pair of floral rain boots (that I was obsessed with) I had in college basically fell apart after only a few months, I bought the most boring, solid black rain boots out of spite. And guess what? Four years later and they’re still completely useful. The moral of this story is that if you want cute rain boots, they probably shouldn’t be less than $20. Lesson learned! I’ve rounded up some stylish rain boot options for the coming rainy/snowy months, and these should last you a bit longer than mine did. ;)

1. Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Tall Tufted Rain Boots

2. Tommy Hilfiger Renegade Rain Booties

3. Jeffrey Campbell Doppler Water Resistant Rain Boots

4. Sperry Top-Sider Starling Chelsea Rain Booties

5. Lauren Ralph Lauren Rossalyn Rain Boots

6. Lauren Ralph Lauren Tally Short Rain Booties

7. Jeffrey Campbell Stormy Rain Boots


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