Round Up: Fashion Reads

By now, you might have picked up that I really love books – fiction, biographies, coffee table books. I’ve featured a few “fashion reads” here on the blog that I’ve read this past year, and there are MANY more I hope to read and review for you. :) So, I wanted to compile a wish list of sorts to help you for last minute gift ideas, or (once you’ve stocked up those holiday gift cards) to treat yourself! Hope you enjoy!

Grace: A Memoir // A funny and entertaining memoir from Vogue’s creative director, Grace Coddington. I have a full post on it here!

Very Classy: Even More Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady // Derek Blasberg is just downright hilarious (and honest!). And as much time as he spends with classy ladies (models + socialites + fashionistas + the list goes on), he probably knows a thing or two (and drops some names along the way). I did a full review on his first book Classy (read here), and loved the magazine-style photos, illustrations, and captions. So I can’t wait to see what this one has in store.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits // My trip to Paris 2 years ago was quite possibly the best trip I’ve ever had. Everything about it was spectacular: the food, the views, even the tiny tiny rooms we stayed in with tiny tiny beds. But most of all, I loved looking at how the women (and men!) dressed and interacted. Can’t wait to get a copy of this book!

Choupette // Okay, a cat that is living a 500x more fashionable life than some of us ever will? I’m intrigued, don’t judge me. Plus, cats are funny, Chanel has always been amazing, and Karl Lagerfeld is intriguing himself. Everybody wins!

D.V. Diana Vreeland // This was an incredibly entertaining (very stream-of-consciousness) memoir from former Vogue editor-in-chief, Diana Vreeland. Check out my full review here! This isn’t a new fashion read from 2014, but a good one nonetheless. :)

Journey of a Dress // If her show (House of DVF) hasn’t hooked you in (I can’t stop watching, gahh), Diane von Furstenberg has a few books out this year. This is a beautiful coffee table book (UH, and it’s signed!), and she also has her memoir, The Woman I Wanted to Be, both of which I’m excited to get my hands on!

Merry Christmas Eve!


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