Fall Fashion: How to Wear Chunky Knits

Whenever I think about knit sweaters, the things that come to mind are cuddling in front of a fireplace and drinking hot chocolate while reading a good book. Ahh… that’s what I call luxurious comforts: SIGN ME UP!

Sweaters are synonymous with comfort during the cold season, but that’s no reason they have to be all comfort and no style. There are HUNDREDS of cute options out there. The good thing about a cozy sweater is it can be paired with almost everything, from leggings to jeans, from shorts to skirts, and from scarves to shawls. I personally like to pair my sweater with boots, since it provides comfort and heaven to my feet.

Not a sweater gal, but still love the chunky knit trend? There’s lots of other knit pieces worth wearing this season, like scarves, thick (read: warm) leggings and beanies. In the mean time, check out these tips:

• The good rule of thumb to wearing chunky knits is to pair them with something slimmer, like a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Why? Mixing the two silhouettes, chunky and slim, keeps the whole look balanced. Even if it’s freezing, too much chunky knit can look frumpy.

The Cowgirl

Try out the “Cowgirl” look above from Lookbook Store. The oversized cape pairs well with the slimmer jeans, and just add the warm boots and an on-trend fringe bag to complete the look.

• Another way to style oversized knits is to pair a neutral chunky sweater with a bold-printed maxi skirt. This look is free-flowing and effortless; it exudes a bohemian vibe and lets your cuddle up on the couch with ease.
• For a chic look, wear your chunky knits with pieces made of luxe fabric such as chiffon. This will create a nice gossamer quality to your outfit while also keeping yourself warm. A sundress can go with a knitted cardigan as well, giving you a reason not to stash away your summer clothes just yet.


Pair this pastel cardi with a chiffon midi skirt for a chic winter look. Pink Cable Knit Cardigan via { lookbookstore.co // check it out here! }

Now, find your dream knit, and cuddle up for sweater weather!

Article provided by lookbookstore.co // Shop away, friends!


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