Oh, my love, NYC

Soaked in every ounce of street style I could, while still attempting to view the city’s beautiful architecture and history. (It’s WAY too much to see all at once, especially in 5 days!) I love these tights paired with sneaks + boots that these girls were wearing. Really wanting this pair of sneakers now, after seeing them in action all over New York.
In love with this hat + booties pairing. Everyone in Washington Square Park (aside from the tourists and that old man dancing without a shirt on) had a cool, just-out-of-my-NYU class vibe.
Taking a rest break in Central Park, the perfect of spots. The grass was green, the trees were changing, and I’m wearing striped sneakers. All is well.
As I said, leaves changing in full force in Central Park.
A quick walk on part of the High Line. An interesting “escape” for your typical NYC sidewalk. { read more about it here }
An iconic, well-known view from Central Park.

Happy Halloween!


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