Heading to New York

Nothing like looking at all the things I can’t buy to make me excited for New York (aka where all my money is going). We’re flying up to NYC this Saturday, and staying for 5 (short) days. I haven’t returned to NY since 2003, when my determined 12-year-old self told my parents I was going there by myself (and flying for the first time ever) to visit my aunt. That was also when they still wouldn’t allow people up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty after 9/11. Let me just say that that is one of the FIRST things I will be doing!

In the mean time, I’ve been looking at some pieces that would make it into my ultimate travel wardrobe.

{ image via Forever21.com }

OBSESSED with the pastel pink coat style that’s been trending lately, but haven’t made the purchase because… 1) Can redheads wear pastel pink? and 2) Oops, I own way too many coats to be living in the South anyway. Anywho, love this one from Forever 21.


{ Image via Asos.com }

Flats, flats, flats. Likely, the only type of shoe I’m bringing (flat sneakers, flat loafers, flat boots). I love the leopard print ones above, and just found some tartan ones that I want neeeeed.


{ Image via Asos.com }

I just recently bought carry-on-size luggage for this particular trip, but I love the floral print on this carryall and think it would be super versatile for airplanes or road trips.


{ image via Forever21.com }

And basically… This is how I would like to present myself while traveling, but let’s be real… There won’t be blazers involved. But skinny pants, flat shoes, and an easy cross-body bag are a YES!


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