I Bought a Jumpsuit

Woohoo! I finally bought a jumpsuit. I’ve been looking at a lot of different styles and searching for the right one for the right price. As a short girl, it’s a little intimidating, but I found the one! (And on mega sale – extra 40% off of clearance items!)

It has a tab on each leg to make the pants cropped, but, since I’m a bit shorter than that model there, I let the whole pant leg out and it fit perfectly! Yay! As it hasn’t even been out of its Dillard’s shopping bag yet, I still have to time to look around for inspiration on how to style it. ;) Below are a few cute looks to start out.


{ all images via Pinterest // collage made by me }


One thought on “I Bought a Jumpsuit

  1. Groovy jumptsoits are well suited for petite women, the all one color thing. Plus an easy out of the closet, no fuss with mixNmatch tops to bottoms. Also, easy and fun to ACCESSORIZE, like with rad-striped flats…

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