Craving for Fall


Too early for fall? Yea, probably, but we’re gonna look at fall stuff anyway. If Christmas can be in July, then I can look at comfy sweaters & plaid in August (even though I am currently attempting to maneuver the fans & the AC to work together to make my apartment an arctic bliss). On to business… A few of the things I’m looking forward to wearing this fall are: chunky knit sweaters, [small] doses of plaid, moto jackets, and booties.

I typically wear booties year round, but during the fall & winter seasons is when I actually get away with them. I’ll be pairing them with tights, and a skirt or dress, for a work-appropriate outfit or with slightly rolled-up skinny jeans for the weekend.

I’ve never been a huge plaid person (maybe the 8 years in Catholic elementary school did that?), but it’s inevitable that it’s everywhere, and I like the look of a plaid button-down tucked into jeans. I’ve also seen a plaid button-down basically become an accessory: simply tied around the waist with no other purpose [see collage above]. Feelings on this? I’m on the fence.

I feel like I’ve been on a chunky knit sweater hunt since the beginning of time. One time I found one. You know what happened? Cute girls everywhere look so dainty and adorable in a giant sweater and leggings. Me? A big chunky knit blob (perhaps I’ll find the sweater, share pics, and we’ll all get a good chuckle). Still on the search for one that doesn’t engulf me. THEY JUST LOOK SO COMFY.

And as for moto jackets, I finally found a faux-leather version last year and I really like it. It goes with everything, and seems, at least to me, to be easier to throw on with any outfit when it’s chilly outside. They’re typically form-fitting and have edgy details that are easy to pair with my girly wardrobe.

{ all images via Pinterest + collage made by me via PicCollage }


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