Stripes, Stripes, Stripes


There’s certainly a reason I named this blog Striped Flats. Besides the fact that I was staring at my own pair, at a loss for a blog name, I’ve also always had a thing for stripes. And it’s strange… My wardrobe actually never reflected this “thing” for stripes; it was always in my accessories or in my school supplies (think striped notebooks & pencils lol).

Especially after a trip to France about 2 years ago, my obsession with stripes increased. It’s not a stereotype that women in Paris wear casual stripes and look instantly chic… Because they actually do. And it looks stunning! I saw women simply in jeans and a striped shirt, all under a light trench coat, and they pulled it off with finesse.

So, I put together this little collage for inspiration. I love subtle stripes on a casual tee, that’s for sure, but I was surprised how classic and put-together the wide stripes on these shorts look. I’m also on the look out for a new pair of striped flats — my own inspirational pair have seen better days (ever seen a white stripe become a grey-ish stripe?). Any suggestions would be AMAZING. :)

{ all images via Pinterest; collage made by me via PicCollage }


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