A Bright Hue for a Great Maxi

{ bright blue maxi — Dillard’s (old purchase), sandals — Forever 21}

I bought this maxi dress a long while ago for a special reception during college. And since then, it’s hung in my closet quite lonely… I figured if I bought it for something special, that was its only purpose. However, I finally decided to try it out for a day at work (where girls wear cute maxis galore), and it fit right in! I put a solid black blazer over it to be a bit more work appropriate (and to battle the freezing temps of our office – as you’ve heard me complain about before). I love the ruffle detail & the tie at the front, and I especially love the sheer skirt. It makes it more fun & easy-going and, in turn, easier to transition from a special occasion dress to an everyday dress. :)




( yessss, those are tan lines you see – but really, more like burn lines )

I kind of want to find a way to tie up the skirt & wear this as a short dress… Anyone tried this before?

Happy Monday!


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