Thinking About Stylish Sneakers


Currently thinking about… stylish sneakers.

It’s hard to infuse athletic components into an everyday look, especially when it’s far from one’s normal style. But lately, sneakers have been all over everyone’s radar — probably starting with popular style bloggers. I’ve noticed they are so in tune with not only predicting trends (um, hi, Birkenstocks) but also making sure those trends are introduced into their own styles without losing their originality.

The trend has trickled down to major fashion markets, basically into affordable chains like Forever 21 and big super stores like Target. With this accessibility, one can find details on these sneakers that can more easily fit into a unique wardrobe. I’ve seen the Converse style, which is laid back and reminiscent of a skater/surfer relaxed look. And I’ve also seen fun prints like cheetah and floral.

I’m excited to find a sneaker style that I can infuse easily into my weekend outfits, specifically a cool slip-on that would be relaxed and easy. I do have some lace-up Vans in this crazy BRIGHT pink hue that I randomly bought years ago on my first (and only) trip to California. Hey, when in California? :) They’re fun to wear, but certainly hard to style with my wardrobe.

{ all pics via Pinterest }


One thought on “Thinking About Stylish Sneakers

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