Weekend Wear


{ American Eagle tank top with crochet back, denim shorts (not sure from where), JCPenney polka-dot bandeau, and Sam & Libby booties from Target; shades from Charlotte Russe & necklace from Charming Charlie }

The hotter it gets, the harder I find it to wear certain outfits. This is exactly the type of summer outfit combo that I lean toward on those hottest days. But since I’m usually stuck in a FRIGIDLY cold office 5 days a week, I reserve the tank + shorts duo for the weekend. I love the crochet back on this tank, and I’ve found that either a full cami or a bandeau underneath it work well.

Fun fact… Sam & Libby is a Target (not sure if it’s just specifically Target or not?) line of decently priced shoes designed by the infamous shoe guru Sam Edelman and his wife Libby. I thought that was pretty cool, as his own line of shoes is a little out of my price range. So far, I own these Sam & Libby booties and some goldtone smoking slippers, and I’m impressed by both as far as quality and comfort (and they were on sale!). What more could a girl ask for? :)







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