A Change of Scenery

{ felt hat from Wet Seal, Skies Are Blue blouse from Dillard’s, Forever 21 skinny jeans; old sunnies & sandals }

Finally — scenery other than my patio… My sister and I took a road trip up to Missouri to visit our mom, and we stopped in Fayetteville along the way. This is an amazing overlook with greenery all around and a rustic rock wall. There was even a small outdoor wedding happening around the corner. I FINALLY got a felt hat!! It’s almost too hot to wear it now (it’s 100% wool — really excellent actually, Wet Seal!), but I will persistently bear the heat in order to style it with some outfits a few more times. :)

I’m also really into tucking my longer shirts into jeans, but I’m not sure I can pull it off. Being shorter kind of limits different ways to wear things, but it’s always worth a try (or a few!).



<br /



Shoutout to my lovely sister, Elizabeth, for taking these pics & dealing with my commands (wait, she’s been doing that for 20 years). ;)


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