Let Thrifting Rock Your World


Okay, first off, forgive the super yellow-ish picture. I promise the two of those items are solid BLACK! Haha. Second off, the skirt above is DKNY and made from 100% buttery soft genuine leather and the blazer on the right is Lauren Ralph Lauren. Let me ALSO point out that I paid no more than $20 total for both of these.

I’ve never been a huge believer in finding or buying clothing at thrift stores or giant stores like Savers (which is where I found these 2 gems). Either one of two things (or both) happen when I go looking through used clothes:

1. I’m browsing through random shirts or tank tops and begin to just feel a very gross feeling. Like, have these been washed since someone dropped them off? What might have HAPPENED in these clothes?? You know, dramatic stuff like that.

2. I spend over an hour going from rack to rack and looking through miles upon miles of clothes only to find really tacky old t-shirts, school uniforms, or mega shoulder pads.

So, recently, 2 of my friends (on 2 separate occasions – they don’t even know each other) had very successful thrifting trips. I had basically sworn off shopping at Savers or Goodwill, but with their recent luck I decided to stop by a Savers in between errands.

And BEHOLD! These two beauties were easy pickings. The “used” part of this whole experience still kind of freaks me out, but both pieces look barely used and the blazer just got home from its obligatory, very important trip to the dry cleaners. :)

I’m hoping to continue to be open to thrift shopping for clothes, but I think there are some key rules to stick with. Since leather has just really come into style again, I think really trendy pieces would be good to buy at thrift stores, as you won’t spend too much money on a piece that might not be in style for long. Also, any hint of broken zippers or stains or long-time wear are a definite no-no. Even if it’s marked way, way down. On top of saving just by going to somewhere like Savers, big thrift stores sometimes offer special discounts on certain days or offer a discount card. (Shoutout to the amazingly nice lady at Savers who helped me get a discount card and told me I can get an extra 25% off on Mondays with it.)

Happy shopping!


One thought on “Let Thrifting Rock Your World

  1. Thrifting” if you love it, love it, love it, you can also buy a “trial” piece of thrift, wear it or build around it, while saving for the posher, retail purchase, on markdown, of course. Donate old pieces to make room for more. No sentimental clothes!
    Favorite travelling past-time: out of region thrift shops are the bomb, what fashionistas wear east to west, north to south is a very cool cultural experience. No trouble for me finding someone else’s impulse purchase. Only takes a minute to check for all the buttons, working zippers or sneaky stinky stains. A color you’ve never worn, a style you’re not quite sure of, or a funky vintage that won’t disinegrate when washed and worn are great finds for your closet.

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