#StyleMeApril Day 22, 23 + 24

Day 22: Statement Earrings
{ coral statement earrings from Old Navy }

Day 23: Head to Toe & Under $100
{ JCPenney dress, Charlotte Russe cardigan, and Target flats }

Under $100? How about under &25?! My wardrobe is primarily clearance finds and Forever 21 purchases, so I create outfits under $100 basically everyday. So I decided to do this outfit under $25. The turquoise dress is the infamous $4 find that has made about 4 appearances now on my Instagram. The cardigan was also on sale, I believe, for around $10, and the flats were a recent shoe spree at Target. They were about $6. I think the reason I’m addicted to shopping is the challenge of finding amazing deals like these! It’s fun, challenging, and not too hard on the wallet. :)

Day 24: Prep School Perfection
{ blouse with collar & chain detail from Forever 21 and my dependable navy skater skirt from Dillard’s; smoking slippers from JCPenney }

I may not like to admit it, but my wardrobe is actually pretty preppy. I mean… I own over 8 cardigans and that’s probably an underestimation. But, the thing is, I’m not so certain how much actual “prep school” these items actually are. I went to a prep school and it was nothing like the trendy “prep” items everyone wears. Knee socks with boots? No. We wore thick, wool skirts year round with dizzying patterns on them, and we even had school-issued sweatpants to wear underneath the skirts. Sweatpants. Underneath. Skirts. Comfortable? Yes. Ugly? Oh yes. (Did I mention it was an all-girls school, and we didn’t really care at all what we looked like?)

Let’s just say college was the best opportunity to explore personal style… Lol. :)

Happy almost-Friday!


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