#StyleMeApril Day 15: Lovely Lace


{ Lace mint green tank & polka dot chambray shirt from Charlotte Russe, skater skirt from Dillard’s, and Steve Madden boots from Dillard’s }

I had quite a few options as far as lace goes… And this shirt is more crochet than lace, but I felt that it gave the overall impact of lace without seeming too grandma or too girlie. I also love that my workplace is fairly relaxed about attire. We definitely can’t wear jeans, but denim shirts are generally accepted.

I’m also in love with this skater skirt, and of course in black. It goes with everything and is a silhouette that’s trending and looks flattering on all body types. This isn’t too great a photo of the skirt, so hopefully I can get a better one further on in this challenge.

I’m so glad I got to wear these boots (new & on mega sale a fee weeks ago! Yayyy) before they had to be put away for springtime. What I’m not so glad about is that it was so cold yesterday morning that it was boot-appropriate weather (I wore flowery sandals Saturday, whattt?).

I’m a bit behind on posting, but hopefully will get caught up tomorrow. :)


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