#StyleMeApril Day 12: Makes Ya Wanna DanceGram + Day 13: Easter Bun


{ Dress from Peter Pilotto for Target – on mega sale! Sandals from American Eagle for Payless }

So ecstatic to find the Peter Pilotto items on sale at Target this past Thursday! When they first showed up, I was thissss close to buying a white & black geometric print swimsuit top for full price.


But I’m glad I decided against at the time, because I found it for SIX DOLLARS on sale! You can see it above, on the right. The dress I also scored for $10-ish, and absolutely love it. The flipped out skirt definitely makes me want to dance! And it has a shift-like silhouette to it, very straight & boxy, so I tried it out with a thick black belt to give it more shape.


I switched around the days in the challenge (just today’s and tomorrow’s hopefully). I have a long skirt that I want to wear to work tomorrow for the “from another era” theme. Anywho… So today’s theme is Easter Bun, and ya know…. What does that mean? Is it simply regarding hair or am I missing something? Haha, oh well. Today’s topknot brought to you by a lazy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!


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