#StyleMeApril: Day 11: Matchy Matchy


{ sweater shirt with lace details + flowy skirt from Charlotte Russe; black flats from JCPenney; can’t remember where the black geode necklace is from }

I could have easily done a head-to-toe outfit in black, but I decided against taking the easy route. I own a lot of turquoise but usually stray away from too much of it at once; okay, that’s a lie… I own several all turquoise dresses. Hahaa. I love the look of the flowy skirt with the boxy top, kind of rebelling against the usual feminine silhouette.

Also, on an exciting note – I entered this contest on Aerin.com a few weeks ago, and won over $500 worth of perfume! I’m definitely that crazy person who enters all the odd little surveys and contests, and it paid off! It came with 5 different perfumes: Ikat Jasmine, Evening Rose, Gardenia Rattan, Lilac Path, & Amber Musk. I found an ad in Vogue this past November that had the Ikat Jasmine scent & fell in love (and annoyed my boyfriend endlessly with this as a Christmas gift idea – to no avail)!


How adorable are the prints on each box? As well as the cute little note signed from Aerin herself (at least I assume). I’m so excited to try out all the scents (or maybe gift a few to friends – that’s acceptable, right?!) and I’m so thankful that one of those silly contests worked out. :)

Happy weekend!


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