#StyleMeApril Day 6: Always Nabs a Compliment


The beading on the shoulders of this shirt is what caught my attention. Add the army green color & the super sale price at Dillard’s… And it was a definite purchase. It also gets noticed fairly often; I assume it’s the green with my red hair. But that’s the thing about compliments… I’m going to tell myself it’s because green always goes with my hair and that’s why someone compliments, or I’m going to brush it off & respond with something like, “This ole thing?”

There was just a recent article in the April Cosmopolitan about this same thing. Women can’t take compliments, or at least we make it difficult to receive them. We brush it off or downplay it. Or what I think is so bizarre is that we’re hyper aware of those who give us compliments; our thoughts are immediately: “Is she just kidding?” “Is there a different meaning behind that?”

I think after finding this shirt and remembering its compliments I’m going to look at compliments differently. No matter who is giving it or what meaning might be implied behind what someone says, I’m going to say “Thank you,” take it in the best way, and move along. There’s not enough time in the day to constantly think other women are against us. I’m going to make my compliments sincere, and hope that others’ toward myself are the same.

Happy Sunday!


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