#StyleMeApril Day 5: April Showers


April showers make May flowers. It’s hard to dress for a rainy day, as usually I just want to throw on rain boots & a jacket and not worry about looking cute.

And really the only reason this picture came about is because I found some florals and just put my rain boots on. Yesterday was a gloomy, overcast day, but it wasn’t necessarily raining. Oh well. I really like the look of high socks with boots. They’re a great alternative to tights or longer pants especially on milder rainy days.

Another look I’ve loved for awhile now is high-waisted shorts. They work with tanks for warmer weather & I definitely love the look with tights for colder weather.

The socks are from Forever 21, the tank & high-waisted shorts are from American Eagle, and I stole the cardigan from my sister. :) The rain boots were an emergency purchase from Walmart when I was in college when there were severe threats of a snow storm. I used to have some floral rain boots, but I’ve loved having them just in black as it’s easier to convince myself that they can go with anything… :)


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