Mixed Message


Recently, I think the fashion world has seen some of the most variety it has in awhile, especially in terms of texture!

Leather and fur both catapulted onto the scene, allowing just about anyone a simple & chic way to integrate these into their wardrobes.

Now more than ever we can mix it up and have a bit more fun with different textures, and they’re readily available all over the place – local boutiques, online, chains like Forever 21, etc.

And while it’s becoming easier to integrate one different texture into your wardrobe, I think some of the bolder fashion bloggers and fashionistas take it a step further. I’ve seen combinations of leather & sequins… Tulle & heavy knit fabrics… Feathers & silk. I suppose it’s all in the balance of things: one more prominent than the other or simple splashes of each one.

And with this balance, and the right unique texture, we can mix up our daily uniform.

{ All images via Pinterest; collage created by me }


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