Gold + White


So far for 2014, there have been multiple pins & posts featuring home decor in gold and white. I think the look is classic, simple, and clean; gold stands in as both a color and a neutral, and I think this creates a really nice look.

One item especially prominent is the Anthropologie white mug with gold initial & accents. I think a lot of bloggers also incorporated gold & white into their new 2014 planners and journals.

If you’re looking into future home decor, I think this palette would be a smart choice. There wouldn’t necessarily be a need to completely change up any other decor you already have, as gold & white could blend in easily.

The images in the collage above are from either Pinterest or straight from style blogger’s Instagrams, including Lindsey Herzog of Ruby Girl Blog, Jessica Sturdy of Bows and Sequins, Lacey Maffettone of Lace Perspective, and Lyndsey of Over My Styled Body.


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