Street Style from Arkansas

Southern style will always have a stereotype… Cowboy boots. Daisy Dukes. Perhaps some flannel. Ratty tee? Just a swimsuit? Maybe the stereotype is actually the belief that Southern style is not style.

But I think that every town, whether it’s a small Southern town with only a Wal-Mart or a Southern capital city whose stylish inhabitants eagerly welcomed a new Anthropologie or a lululemon athletica.

I think I’ve found what I’d like to use this site for, as I readjust to relocating back to my Southern hometown. I hope to capture, in the near future, that Southern style is no longer dictated strictly by its stereotypes. And through the Internet, with sites like Pinterest, any savvy man or woman can leap far away from the Southern stereotypes and look just as chic and stylish as our counterparts on the east or west coast.

Current Southern street style trends:

Women's Merona® Elba Silver Wedge Sandal with Back Counter - Black

^[ Sandals with one strap over toes]^ – Photo from Target

TOPSHOP Black Fringe Bandeau Bikini

^[Fringe bikini top, a constant sighting at the neighborhood pool]^ – Photo from Topshop

^[Arkansas pride on tank tops, especially on the trend radar if it’s in a chevron or tribal print]^  – Photo from Gene Lockwood’s (Little Rock) page on Facebook.

^[Statement necklaces, still hitting the South – big time]^ – Photos from Forever

And I’ll just go ahead and add in… Nike shorts, huge t-shirt, and Chacos. Because… This. Is. Everywhere. And I guess I still don’t understand it; why would you meticulously choose a t-shirt that has to be almost as long as your shorts, when you could just wear something cuter and look more pulled together? If anyone would like to explain, take it away.

All for now!


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