A Bucket List — Finally Written Down

I believe it is essential to write (or type) your bucket list down. Otherwise, you’re creating a list that floats precariously around in your mind, never taking root. And even though I say I believe this, this will be my first time writing (typing) down my actual bucket list. And because of this, there will probably be several important items missing, which is unfortunate. Years upon years of additions to my “bucket list” are now lost forever because some amount of laziness or what-have-you got in the way of simply writing something down. So, the moral of this story is… When you think of something absolutely great, it has to become permanent, and then, perhaps, it may just happen.

1. Visit Audrey Hepburn’s grave in Switzerland.
2. Attend some kind of famous fashion week (even if you’re that creepy Southern girl waiting outside venues and taking pictures).
3. See the Northern Lights.
4. Drive all the way to the end of Interstate 40 to the east (I’ve driven to the end to the west).
5. Find where Coco Chanel worked/lived/anything in Paris (aka, visit Paris again!!)
6. Live in New York City.
7. Put a lock (with names written on, of course) on the Pont des Arts in Paris and throw the key into the Seine.
8. Be in NYC during Christmas time (or see #6).

Well, that’s all for now. As I said before, this list is a much abridged version of the one that has accumulated in my brain over years and years of hopeful thinking. If I remember any more, there will certainly be more lists in the future.


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