Currently Obsessed With

1. Anything to do with the Cannes Film Festival, a.k.a. really only anything to do with what people were wearing at the festival. –> [ 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival via ]

2. Summer styles: bikinis, sandals, fedoras. As the temperature begins to rise, there’s nothing better to look forward to than tinier clothes and fun, bright prints. Hopefully, this first summer spent in Dallas won’t kill me all together.

3. The job hunt. As a recent graduate, there’s nothing scarier than literally being thrown out into the world with NO guarantees. I’m suspended in mid-air in a place between panicked and laziness. I keep spazzing out because I have yet to secure a job in the real world, but, man, doesn’t laying around and perusing the Internet sure look good… –> [ Looking for Hope ] –> I have been reassuring myself with articles like these.

4. Recent purchase: Gold-colored statement necklace from Forever 21. Been hunting for the right one for the longest time, and finally found one to go with a wedding outfit for this upcoming weekend. –> [ Gold Triangles ]

5. Austin, Texas. Upcoming weekend trip to the capitol of my new state. I am looking forward to a long day inter-tubing down a river, a long night out on 6th Street, and a relaxing day afterwards. Also looking forward to other adventures that may ensue. :)


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